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Did you know that 62% of customers will stop considering a business if they can’t find information about it online?

Your Professional Website Designers in Newcastle

Whether you already have an online presence that you would like to update or you’re just starting out with your first business website, let our team of professional website designers build you a web design that looks good, attracts customers and converts those customers into sales or bookings for your business.  

Our web design services cover everything from conducting customer research to determine your target market, developing a personal website strategy for your business and keyword research to ensure search engine optimisation, to creating captivating content, sourcing images, designing a beautiful website and adding functionality such as contact forms, legal pages and mobile friendly clickable buttons.

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Website Design

As a holistic digital agency, we can guarantee a professional web page design, customised to the needs of your business. Our customer websites not only look good but are built with functional and responsive website designs.

With us, you don’t just get a website designer, you get a website builder/developer, content writer, SEO specialist, technical support, digital marketing reporting and much more. This ensures you reach more customers by ranking in search engines and convert your visitors to customers by providing them with a good user experience.

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Website Redesign

Is your site looking outdated or not as functional as you would like it to be? Do you want to increase customer calls or get found in search engines like Google?

We can do an audit on your business website to determine areas for improvement so we can deliver you a website redesign that better suits your needs and helps your business grow.

As with our website design service, we will begin by undertaking customer research with you, before we complete our keyword research for SEO and finally redesign your website as needed.

Get a website design that brings you more customers

Why Do I need a website for my business?


A website is a 24/7 marketing machine

Your website keeps working for you day and night so your customers can access information when they want and you get leads for your business while you work or sleep.


Future proof your business

When economic times are good, businesses naturally have a good flow of customers. However, a search engine optimised website will make your business resilient when times get tough, ensuring you remain highly visible to customers who still need your business and widening your customer reach.


It can help you beat the big guys

Some of your big competitors will have massive marketing budgets, but that doesn’t mean you can’t compete with them. Our websites are built on the same platform as huge companies like Vogue and PlayStation. Lots of small businesses have been known to outrank their competitors with the right website.


People can find you on Google

 It’s a fact that most consumers these days will do some online research before buying a product or service and if you have a website, you can make sure you’re in front of them when they do.

FACT: A website is one of the most effective ways to not only get your business found but also noticed.


Your competitors have one

Most customers go online to research when they want to find a product or service. If you don’t have a website, there is a good chance that customer is going to one of your competitors who does.


We live in the age of now

People want the information they need immediately and a website can provide everything they need at their fingertips and in seconds (even when your business is closed). You can also use your website to answer your customers frequently asked questions and save time getting them the information they need.


You control the narrative

Get your message, services and products in front of your ideal customers the way you want it to, unlike social media platforms and review sites where you have no control over what people might say about your business.


You own your website

Unlike social media accounts and some website platforms, we build you a website where you control the domain name and website files. This means you own the website and content, can take it with you if you rebrand/move your business or can even sell it with your business down track.


It adds credibility and trust

If your business doesn’t have a website, chances are your losing customers. It instantly boosts your credibility as a legitimate and professional business and these days your customers expect it.

FACT: 48% of customers will stop considering a business if it doesn’t have a website.


A professional web design is more affordable then traditional advertising

Reach thousands more customers than local advertising, mail drops and even expensive adverts on tv and radio, all without any effort. While you have to keep paying big dollars for traditional advertising, once your website is set up there is minimal cost to keep it running and up to date.


Showcase ALL your services

In your print advertising you may be able to fit some of what you do but you’re limited in characters and space. With your own website, you can dedicate as much space and even whole pages to your services as you like. Highlight your portfolio of previous work, show your expert knowledge with articles containing handy tips, go into detail on your services, and showcase your unique selling points.


Social validation

These days most customers are looking at online reviews to help with their buying decisions. While review sites are helpful, your website allows you to really showcase some great customer testimonials and influence potential customers.

FACT: 67% of customers won’t consider a business with unfavourable online reviews.

Let us build you a website to give your customers a good user experience

Website Design

Newcastle Small Business Website Design

If you’re looking for the best website builder for small business, then look no further. As a small business ourselves, we know exactly what you need in a website design. Plus, when you deal with us, you won’t get thrown around from department to department. Our bespoke team are trained in everything from SEO, to content writing and of course website design and development, so you will be looked after by us from start to finish, as well as for ongoing support and maintenance.

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Optimised For Lead Conversion

Our websites are designed with lead conversion in mind because we know most businesses have the ultimate goal of getting more customers. We do this by looking at which traffic to target through search engine optimisation strategies, careful placement of call to actions and good user experience to capture the right audience for your business and convert them into customers.

Designing good UX

Website User Experience

User experience or UX is a focus point when our web design team is building websites. We’ve all been to a site with bad user experience and it’s frustrating. We want to make sure your customers can find what they are looking for with good structure and navigation, engaging content, responsive web design and quick load times among other things. The other side of the coin is that search engines also look for good user experience. So, not only are we making your customers happy, but its going to help you rank higher on search engines and this in turn leads to more customers for your business.

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Mobile friendly websites

Responsive Web Design

Is your website optimised to be mobile friendly? Part of the User Experience that Google and other search engines use to rank websites is looking at whether they are responsive. In fact, in 2016 Google introduced a ‘mobile-first’ policy where they penalise websites that aren’t mobile friendly by ranking them lower in search engine results. Further, in 2018 they revealed they would be using mobile-first indexing which means they are looking at mobile content, rather than desktop to present information to their consumers. 

Since most websites are now viewed on mobile devices, it is essential that your website is set out and coded with a mobile website design so it always looks good and is functional for the user. This is why it’s so important that a responsive website design been used that will ensure optimal viewing experience across all styles of devices – desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.


WordPress Website Design

As the industry standard, our team use WordPress to design all of our websites. WordPress sites are not only visually appealing, but they have superior functionality, security, SEO and customisation compared with other platforms.

Already have a website on a different platform? We can help. Contact our team today to find out how we can transfer or re-build your website on WordPress.

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Why Choose WordPress for your business website design?

A question that is commonly asked is: Why should I use WordPress? Our customers want to know: What is wrong with their old site? And why we want them to switch from another platform? There is lots of website builder platforms out there and some of them are so easy you can build a site yourself. So, what makes WordPress websites so superior?

You own your website

With other website builder platforms, you don’t have full ownership of your site and content. You are technically renting your site from these companies, which means, when you stop paying, your site is essentially gone. The beauty of is you own the files for your website and can move them around between hosts, which might mean better value or performance or even sell the website as you choose.

SEO Optimised

WordPress is written using high quality code which means it tends to rank higher in search engines than other platforms. Not only that, but with in-built SEO features as standard, as well as ability to upload dozens of media forms from photos to videos, you can see why search engines just love websites built on WordPress.

Mobile Responsive

As we mentioned above, Google ranks sites that are not mobile friendly lower in their search results. With WordPress, the themes we use are automatically responsive so they can be read beautifully and navigated easily whether your customers are on their mobile, desktop or tablet.

Safe and Secure

WordPress has security as a priority and is considered to be a safe platform for websites. Unfortunately, hackers are a reality of the online world, but with the use of additional WordPress plugins for security and backups, we can ensure your site is as safe as possible and that we have recovery options if needed.

84% of customers want a trustworthy website.

2018 Telstra Small Business Intelligence Report

All of our websites come with an SSL certificate (the padlock beside the URL that ensures secure transactions) and Google is looking for websites that have this too.

Better functionality

With other platforms, functionality is often built in and limited (which is what makes it so easy for those without website design skills to use), but with WordPress we can expand your site with dozens of plugins, coding and customisation to do some really cool stuff. Everything from booking or invoicing to automate your business, to social media integration and contact forms to ensure your customers can stay in contact. This not only ensures it suits your needs, but provides your customers with a great user experience.

89% of customers say they want a website that’s easy to navigate so functionality is super important.

Perfect for all types of sites

While WordPress started out as a blogging platform and is still superior in its blogging capabilities, it has evolved over the years to integrate so much more and become what we think is the most powerful website builder and content management system (CMS) available. The best thing about WordPress is it has the flexibility to suit all types of websites and can be customised to suit your businesses with its 54,000 available plugins.

It’s the industry standard

According to WordPress, 35% of the web uses their platform to build their website. From Disney to Sony, Facebook to Time Magazine, there is a long list of BIG companies that all use WordPress for their sites.

Superior Blogging Functionality

From a simple one author blog page to having multiple contributors and scheduling posts, nothing compares to WordPress for blogs or articles and it’s no surprise considering it started out as a blogging platform.

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Our Newcastle Website Design Packages

How much does website design cost? The answer to that is: It depends on your business needs which will determine the number of pages, complexity of the design and additional functionality needed. We have website design packages to suit any budget. Whether you’re looking for an affordable website builder, a pay monthly website builder or the full works on your website design or redesign, maintenance and hosting, we offer a number of website builder packages or can tailor our web design pricing to meet your budget and needs.

Pay Monthly Website Builder Options

We understand that cash flow can be hard when you’re just starting out or running a small business. The good news is, you don’t need to search for the best budget website builder in order to build your dream website. We offer pay monthly website builder plans so you can have the website your business needs today and pay us in monthly instalments to help you keep your website design pricing easy to manage and give you an affordable website design.

SEO and Website Maintenance Packages

We also offer website hosting packages, website maintenance and support services and search engine optimisation packages. Check out our individual pages on these products or contact us today to tailor a package to meet your business needs.

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