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At Platinum Website Solutions, we offer both website maintenance and hosting to ensure your website continues to look good and function just as it did when you first got it. We know for businesses, managing and running a website can be time consuming and complex. Our ongoing support plans for website hosting and maintenance ensure your website continues to run perfectly and is kept up to date without you having to lift a finger.

Website Maintenance Services Newcastle

Let us look after your website maintenance to keep your website up to date, visible to customers and running smoothly.

Our Website Maintenance Services include:

  • Ongoing maintenance and updates
  • Secure storage and backups in case your website crashes
  • 24/7 website security monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Monthly reporting and analysis
  • Using analytics to test, measure and optimise your site and performance
  • Adding fresh SEO Content or client generated content

Its important to have ongoing website maintenance to keep your site running smoothly and make sure it is protected with regular remote backs ups. A huge part of this is ensuring that necessary updates are performed in a timely manner. If this is not done, you run the risk of your website not running as it should or even worse, making your website vulnerable to hackers.

Website Security Newcastle

Give yourself the peace of mind that your website is safe and secure. We will look after your website security and maintenance to keep your website safe from online threats by using the latest technology including firewalls, added protection against common attacks, SSL certificates and round the clock security reporting. We use this to manage any security threats to your website, as well as ensure your servers, plugins and CMS are kept updated to the latest versions.

Having your website and server backed up regularly ensures there is always a clean back up file ready to restore your website should problems arise such as corrupted files, attacks by hackers or your site crashing. Although these issues are rare, it can save you hours of time and thousands of dollars to ensure your site is maintained and secure.  We will also look after any needed WordPress, plugin and security updates and reporting.

Website security is also important for search engine optimisation as search engines want to see that you have a safe and secure site to protect customers.

web maintenance services Newcastle nsw

Web Hosting Services Newcastle

All websites require a domain name (your website address) and hosting (where your website files are stored on the web) in order to run. We work with one of the best website hosting companies to provide trusted and reliable website hosting for your business.

Our website hosting services include making sure your site has a valid SSL certificate which helps prove the websites identity to browsers. These days, SSL, which is shown to users by the little padlock icon in the URL box, is standard security protocol and expected by all the big search engines for good SEO. It ensures that all communication between you and your customers is kept encrypted and private.

Our hosting maintenance includes:

  • Registration and renewal of domain names i.e. your website address
  • Hosting of your website and files
  • Server Support
  • Updating your WordPress content management system with new security and feature updates
  • Backups and storage for your website and database
  • Troubleshooting bugs or security issues as they occur
  • Managing custom email accounts if used e.g.
  • Ongoing support to you if you have a problem with your website

Why not combine our offers, reduce your required time and have us look after your website hosting and maintenance?

Check out a detailed breakdown of each of our packages or contact us to discuss a custom package

Website Maintenance Packages

We offer a range of web maintenance packages to suit your business needs and budget. Your website maintenance cost will come down to how much you would like us to look after from just hosting your site to doing full maintenance and security for your website. When we do your website design or redesign, we will work with you to come up with a website support and maintenance agreement.

Website Maintenance Services Fees

To keep the cost down, we offer pay monthly website maintenance packages, as well as a discount for taking out a website annual maintenance contract. This allows you to either split your website maintenance cost per month in instalments so you don’t need a lot up front to keep your website secure and updated or save yourself valuable dollars with a reduced rate for paying your annual website maintenance cost upfront.

Don’t forget we can also do SEO as part of your monthly website maintenance and can combine website design and maintenance into one low package for you.

Contact us today to ensure you have the best website maintenance services.

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Small Business Website Maintenance

We know how busy it can be running a small business and that’s why we offer small business website maintenance so you can focus on your business and not have to worry about what’s going on in the background of your website. Let us take care of both your hosting and maintenance services so you can be assured that your site keeps running efficiently, stays up to date and remains secure.

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